About Me

I’m Kayla (they/them), a 20-something disabled white agender bi artist from Seattle. I make zines, perform poetry, and lead workshops about disability, queerness, allyship within and beyond the LGBTQIA+ community, and art.

About My Art

I’m a multidisciplinary writer and artist, focusing mostly on writing and dabbling in visual art.

I make zines because moving fluidly between media allows me to tell my each of my stories in the most meaningful way.

My zines explore themes of (a)gender, sexuality (both in terms of orientation and more broadly), disability, trauma, and healing. I use personal experiences of oppression and identity to resist the limited and limiting representations of people like me in the media.

I’m also finding ways to make art more accessible, from font choice to image descriptions to access statements and transcription.

Today’s Identity of the Day Is…

  • transgender/nonbinary/agender/genderqueer
  • bisexual/pansexual/queer
  • white
  • femme
  • Ashkenazi Jew
  • polyamorous
  • chronically ill/crip/physically disabled
  • neurodivergent
  • emotionally/psychiatrically disabled/mad/BPD/PTSD/depression/etc etc etc
  • complicated class background
  • abuse victim/survivor
  • college dropout and graduate

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