My Zines

Today’s Identity of the Day Is…

#1: (no subtitle/unthemed) My first zine, a collection of poetry and visual art. It’s mainly about disability and abuse, with a side of (a)gender and (bi/pan/a)sexuality. Each copy has little individual touches.

Etsy: physical | digital

#2: Transitions: an ode to autumn and a discussion of all the changes in my life in the last year, including finding incredible community, changing my pronouns, realizing new things about my dis/ability, and taking on a femme identity.

Etsy: physical | digital

#3: Man-Hating Bisexual: Equal parts political statement and misandrist gossip, Man-Hating Bisexual is the story of how my sexuality has gradually shifted away from men, told through stories about the guys I’ve dated or almost dated (and one girl I didn’t realize I wanted to date).

Man-Hating Bisexual includes helpful material such as a thorough breakdown of my definitions of bisexuality and pansexuality and statements of why claiming bi matters to me and how my man-hating bisexuality works.

Etsy: physical | digital

Dirty Laundry

[tw: r*pe and abuse mention]

Prose, poetry, prosetry, a lot of drawings of clothes, and some miscellaneous other visual art. It’s destruction, transformation, and humor. You can think of it as a Today’s Identity of the Day Is…#1.5

From the intro: “This one is for the poor, disabled, femme victim/survivors of abuse, because we know dirty laundry in all its forms. Dirty Laundry is about the nasty, messy, grimy shit that won’t come clean. When it’s not terrifying and gut-wrenching, it’s tedious and tiresome.

Sometimes it’s the big concepts – abuse, rape – that really get to me, and sometimes it’s the little things, the obscenely mundane. It’s not fun, but I know hearing other people’s gritty details would’ve helped me with my own. So I’ll stake my claim and wave my dirty laundry like a flag. Let’s find each other.”

Etsy: physical | digital

Empty Gender, Full Bladder

A zine about the difficulties of using all-gender bathrooms on a campus that has far too few, in a cissexist world where people don’t really see what the point is anyway. This zine uses documentary photography, prose, poetry, paper cutouts, collage, humor, and wordplay to weave together a narrative about my daily struggles.

Etsy: physical | digital

Disabled Artist Affirmations

From the introduction: “While these affirmations are meant to be encouraging, they’re not entirely “positive” in the sense that many mainstream affirmations are. In my experience, affirmations are most powerful when they also acknowledge how unpleasant reality can be. I want affirmations that can meet me in the pit of hopelessness and despair to lift me up a little, not ones that ask me to wish or believe my way out.

There are also some recommendations of other artists and media because they’re relevant and important to me and I couldn’t resist.

I love you, disabled artists. Your art and your solidarity are vital to my well-being. I hope my affirmations can help you feel more secure in your beauty and your value.”

Etsy: physical | digital

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